Quin Weidner
“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do” Tim Ferris

Right now, I am…

…building Caravel Enterprises. I provide business and technical solutions for cryptocurrency mining labs. I specialize in business structure, importing and maintaining ASIC hardware, and providing efficient and cool design to house the equipment.

…working with A New Hope REI. We are involved in every aspect of residential real estate investing. I find motivated sellers, assist in closing deals, supervise contractor crews, and manage rentals. I’m working to update the office systems, bring in new technology, fix problem areas, and increase efficiency.

…on the lookout for property owners, developers, and investors to connect with. If you know anyone who has done development or acquisition in either residential or commercial real estate in the Austin metro area, please let me know!

…living in Austin, racing sailboats on lake Travis, hiking the Texas hill country, and getting my ass kicked in Jiu-Jitzu

…just coming back from Anarchapulco. I had the best week of my life engaging with likeminded people about liberty, cryptocurrency, and the beautiful Acapulco environment.

Want to reach out? Currently, I’m here: