Quin Weidner

This Spring, I worked directly with a developer who has been investing in Charlottesville residential real estate for 40 years. I began with very basic help such as responding and coordinating tenant requests and building his website and gradually gained trust until I was negotiating contracts with tenants and supervising projects.

This gave me experience in all areas of property management. I solved tenant disputes, responded to work orders, directed contractors, scheduled services, tracked payments, organized our filing system, ran ad campaigns, appeared in court, built websites, met with bankers, lawyers, and developers, and got my hands on everything else that goes into a small developing and rental business.

As I work, I found all sorts of processes that could be updated. These are problems the owner was too busy to get involved with. I had time to analyze, problem solve, and come up with a better solution.

I worked directly with the owner and have now moved into a consulting role for him.